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Faculty and Section Heads

New Faculty and Section Heads
Name Section Position Phone Email
Dr. Michelle Arnold Ruminant Extension Ruminant Extension Veterinarian (859) 257-7190 michelle.arnold@uky.edu
Ms. Sara Welsh Necropsy Section Supervisor (859) 257-7567 sharpena@uky.edu
Dr. Uneeda Bryant Pathology Veterinary Pathologist (859) 257-8283 ubryant@uky.edu
Dr. Craig Carter Epidemiology Professor (859) 257-7489 craig.carter@uky.edu
Dr. Lynne Cassone Pathology Veterinary Pathologist/ Section Head of Histology (859) 257-8283 lynne.cassone@uky.edu
Ms. Bonnie Decker Clinical Pathology Section Supervisor (859) 257-7738 bonnie.decker@uky.edu
Dr. Erdal Erol Microbiology Head, Diagnostic Microbiology (859) 257-7771 erdal.erol@uky.edu
Dr. Megan Romano Toxicology Veterinary Clinical Toxicologist (859) 257-8283 megan.romano@uky.edu
Dr. Jennifer Janes Pathology Veterinary Pathologist/Section Head of Pathology (859) 257-8283 jennifer.janes@uky.edu
Ms. Armeda Gambrell Diagnostic Services Section Supervisor- Receiving (859) 257-6382 ajones@uky.edu
Dr. Laura Kennedy Pathology Veterinary Pathologist (859) 257-8283 drlaurakennedy@uky.edu
Mr. Steve Locke Bacteriology Section Supervisor (859) 257-7747 slocke@uky.edu
Dr. Alan Loynachan Pathology Interim Director/ Veterinary Pathologist (859) 257-8283 alan.loynachan@uky.edu
Dr. Deborah Maples Diagnostic Services Diagnostic Services Coordinator (859) 257-7112 deborah.maples@uky.edu
Mr. Derrick Miles Information Technology Information Technology Manager (859) 257-8274 Derrick.Miles@uky.edu
Ms. Susanna Vance
Histology Section Supervisor (859) 257-7127 sfsh222@uky.edu
Ms. Mary Payton Quality Assurance Quality Manager (859) 257-7907 mary.harbour@uky.edu

Mr. Marvin Redmon Facilities and Maintenance Facilities Manager (859) 257-3940 mwredm2@uky.edu
Dr. Rebecca Ruby Pathology Veterinary Pathologist (859) 257-8283 reru228@uky.edu
Dr. Jackie Smith Epidemiology Section Head (859) 257-7559 jsmit8@uky.edu
Mr. Kyle Francis Serology Section Head (859) 257-7457 kyle.francis@uky.edu
Mrs. Jocelyn Morgan Molecular Biology Section Contact (859) 257-7954 jocelyn.morgan@uky.edu
Mrs. Allie Thacker Virology Section Supervisor (859) 257-8355 or 
(859) 257-8327
Dr. Litty Paul NGS Lab Section Contact (859) 562-0430 litty.paul@uky.edu
Dr. Melissa Swan Pathology Veterinary Pathologist (859) 257-6917 melissa.swan@uky.edu