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Dr. Jennifer Janes

Phone: 859-257-8283 
Fax: 859-255-1624

Assistant Professor

B. Mus



Dipl. ACVP

Veterinary Pathologist

B. Mus- Vanderbilt University

DVM- University of Tennessee

PhD- University of Kentucky


Janes JG, Garrett KS, McQuerry KJ, Waddell S, Voor MJ, Reed SM, Williams NM, MacLeod JN. (2015). Cervical Vertebral Lesions in Equine Stenotic Myelopathy. Veterinary Pathology, 52(5):919-927.

JG Janes, KS Garrett, KM McQuerry, AP Pease, NM Williams, SM Reed, JN MacLeod. (2014) Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging to standing cervical radiographs for evaluation of vertebral canal stenosis in equine cervical stenotic myelopathy. Equine Veterinary Journal. (DOI: 10.1111/evj.12221)

AM Shank, UK Bryant, CB Jackson, NM Williams, JG Janes. (2008) Anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery (ALCAPA) in four calves. Veterinary Pathology 45 (5):634-639.


Janes JG.  The Workhorse of the Racehorse: Review of Fetlock Pathology. 2016 ACVP/ASCVP/STP Combine Annual Meeting.  New Orleans, NO USA. 2016. 

Janes JG, Kennedy LA, Garrett KS. Observation of pre-existing lesions of the third metacarpal and metatarsal bone in Thoroughbred catastrophic breakdown injuries. 2015 ACVP/ASCVP/STP Combined Annual Meeting. Minneapolis, MN USA. 2015. (Presentation and abstract).

Janes JG, Garrett KS, McQuerry KJ, Waddell S, Voor MJ, Reed SM, Williams NM, Macleod JN. Pathology of the Articular Processes in Horses with Cervical Stenotic Myelopathy. 61st Annual Convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Las Vegas, NV USA. 2015. (Presentation and abstract).

JG Janes, DW Fardo, EF Bailey, CM McQueen, SV Dindot, SM Reed, JN MacLeod. (2014) Genomic Analyses of Equine Cervical Stenotic Myelopathy. Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXII. (poster)

JG Janes, EF Bailey, SM Reed, JN MacLeod. (2012) Investigating Genetic Determinants in Equine Cervical Stenotic Myelopathy. Plant and Animal Genome Conference XX. (poster)