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The faculty and staff at the UKVDL are actively involved in a wide variety of collaborative research projects. Below are examples of recent research projects involving UKVDL faculty:


Infectious disease

-          Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of Nocardioform placentitis in horses

-          Equine proliferative enteropathy (Lawsonai intracellularis infection)

-          Rhodococcus equi: model development, therapeutic approaches, and vaccine evaluation

-          Rhodococcus equi antibiograms

-          Equine protozoal myelitis

-          Equine leptospirosis national seroepidemiological study


-          Investigations of catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries (breakdown) in Kentucky racehorses

-          Investigation into the pathogenesis of wobbler’s syndrome in horses


-          Normal brain sodium concentrations in bovine brain tissue

-          Possible unusual milkweed associated neuropathy in horses

-          Pesticide residues in barn owl tissues

-          Establishment of regional reference ranges for metals and minerals in equine serum


-          Effects of antibiotics on gastrointestinal flora in the horse

-          Adverse effects of anthelmintics in horses

-          Treatments of inflammatory airway disease in horses


-          Improving diagnostic methods for diagnosis of placentitis in horses

-          Comparison of gross findings and MRI imaging in horses with PPID

-          Risk factors and characteristics of uterine artery rupture in mares

-          Investigations into a possible genetic basis for Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis


-          Evaluation of efficacy of trace mineral supplementation in goats

-          Pathology of infectious respiratory and enteric diseases in pigs

-          Animal models of disease

-          Using DART-MS (Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry) in toxicant screening methods

-          Methods of evaluation for cyanide in forages

-          Dairy cattle health and behavior monitoring

-          Physiological response to stressors in cattle

-          Continuous health monitoring in cattle via radio-frequency ear tag

-          Mobile application to assist field diagnostics and sample collection for food animal practitioners

Please see individual faculty webpages for listings of current publications and specific research interests, or click on any active links above to read more about specific projects.